Forum The City 2012, October 2, Sheraton Hotel, Sredetz Hall, Sofia

Under the patronage of the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova

Strategic Partner: National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria

Demographics of Bulgaria is moving backwards: population declines and the workforce is shrinking even faster due to aging and emigration of economically active people. Large cities however move on another track. In five regional centers the population has increased by between 0 and 10.3%, four of them are in the category over 100,000 inhabitants. No surprise - these are the capital city and the next three in size.

The concentration of people in cities increase the economic efficiency but is straining the city budgets and the ability to provide public services and the public infrastructure to be maintained in good condition.

FORUM THE CITY aims to assist national and local authorities and businesses to work better together in order to ensure a higher quality of life and a more favorable environment for investment and creating new jobs. This one day conference will bring together key players of local public services - municipalities and utilities with their supporters in the central government and business to work together how to increase the competitiveness of cities and make them better places to live through proper targeted public and private investments.


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